Friday, September 5, 2008

Bargain Villa in Iraq? not likely mate.

I was cleaning out my long list of favourites and saw this old link to a short story from 2004.

The gist of it being that you could buy a sweet villa, complete with extras like an air raid bunker in the basement for $665,000, BARGAIN!

So i clicked on it anyway and sadly the property page said:

"Sorry, this property is no longer available"

Then i clicked on the link just below it to see what else was on offer in the villa department for Iraq, and this page came up

I couldnt believe it, its the same damn property, but the price tag has gone up to $720,000!!!!
A jump of almost 55,000 in 4 years for a property in Baghdad!
How the hell is their property appreciating in value with a war going on?
And then theres the fact that the villa itself is a ugly beast of a building inside and out!

I was kinda expecting something more extravagant for that price tag/location, maybe somethings like this:


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