Wednesday, September 3, 2008

CERN and the end of the world....

Apparently theres a big fuss over this thing.
If you've not heard of it, and im speaking to you directly because its not likely that anyone but you will read my blog *sighhhh*,
The LHC is a big ass ring that the big wigs are hoping to use to find the higgs boson particle aka the "god particle" which could lead to a deeper understanding of how the universe works. etc. etc. blah blah blah.
I dont understand why theres such panic really, we should be looking for the silver lining!

I suggest that we go stand in the middle of this ring.
Why you ask? We'll if comics have have taught me nothing, and they have, its that this is a prime location for the creation (we'll say accidental) of a super powered superhero!

Heres the plan,
go stand in the middle of this ring, see image below for artists impression:

next wait for sept 10th when theyre flicking the switch... (and if they have any style at all itll be like a mad scientist or maybe Joker style "and hereee weeee GO!" but with considerably more fireworks)


then seconds later:


With the size of this installation id be hoping for Doctor Manhattan type powers, who the world will soon know if the new Watchmen film ever gets out....

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Anonymous said...

An ingenious plan. Let me know how it goes.